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Dana (a wonderfully natural and sweet Amanda Lipinski​)...the girl “with a lot of friends” could be the pretty fast-girl stereotype, but Lipinski plays her with a sweetness and maturity that shows us why a 17-year-old boy would be smitten by her...we sense that there’s much more than meets the eye.​

-Joy Campbell, Chicago Theatre Beat


In a particularly poignant and well-acted scene, Adam and Dana (played perfectly for laughs and tears by Lipinski) assemble their clarinet and saxophone while defining their relationship.

-Zach Zimmerman, Windy City Times

Amanda Lipinski portrays the perfect vision of the pen pal Alexa with charm, insight, and intelligence never being entrapped by stereotype.

- Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited​​


Would offers moving, wistful theater...the cast of three is excellent.

- David Bell, TimeOut: New York​​ ​


Remarkable, stirring, and richly human, an enormously impressive NYC debut...Dan Wilson and Amanda Lipinski complete the cast as Bryan and Alexa, creating characters we empathize with and care about.

-Martin Denton, NYTheatre​

Theater Reviews

The entire cast is superb ... Amanda Lipinski, reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon in “Election”... Ms. Lipinski’s two speeches, delivered at her weekend conference, are well-timed within this production and excellently performed...This is a production that should not be missed.

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review


The cast is quite good...including Amanda Lipinski's pulled-together, Tracy Flick-esque roomie...

-Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune


(G)ripping Interrobang Theatre Project production picks up on every argumentative angle and nuance...Yost's superb young cast manages both to make sense of it all and to humanize every decision...

-Dan Jakes, Chicago Reader


REALLY REALLY (Midwest Premiere)

By: Paul Downs Colazzio

Director: James Yost

Interrobang Theatre Project, Chicago

Jeff-Recommended Production for 2015



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